Affordable Website Maintenance & Revision
Our Approach...


We create websites for people who want to use the WWW to generate sales and/or encourage visitor contacts for their business or organization.

Therefore our primary objective is to design an interface that will facilitate those online sales & contacts in an attractive and informative manner. We want your visitors to see you as professional and credible in every way as they go through your various pages, and then to support you by purchasing your products or services.

When we finish designing a website, everything works seamlessly. That means:

  • The visitor is able to view pages that download quickly;
  • They can easily find what they are looking for; and
  • When it is time to make the purchase, the process is crystal clear.
Web Sales In this uncluttered "classic" approach, the client's product or service is the center of attention, and thus, your visitors are not going to be distracted because of an overly flashy, bloated, or slow loading interface ~ they focus on your business, not on unnecessary (and often unwanted!) glitzy bells & whistles.

At the point that your completed website is uploaded to the WWW, you are totally prepared to do business in an online venue. If that kind of internet solution is what you are looking for, then [get in touch] and we'll get the process started....

"Weaving Your Business Into the World Wide Web"