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Our approach to website design is to keep it classic and uncluttered. In our experience, sites that are jammed with a lot of bells & whistles, or popup ads, or slow loading graphics, inevitably means less traffic and that means less business. Instead, we specialize in clean design and clear-cut navigation that places the client's products or services front & center.
We begin with the assumption that visitors come into a site because they are looking for something, which they want to find easily. Market analysis has shown that they aren't looking to be "entertained" with unrequested Muzak, popup windows, or flashing ads. Most people only have so much time, so they want to view the products/services quickly & clearly, and if they want to learn more, they want to see immediately how to do that. They want to place their order, then move on.
So if quick loading and uncluttered web pages is what you have in mind for your own website, please [get in touch] and we'll discuss your ideas, be it for an entirely new site or to update an existing website.
When you click any photo below, an example of one of our many client sites will open in a new browser window ~ you can close that window each time, then click another thumbnail screenshot if you wish to see more...
"I am completely satisfied with your work throughout this project. Timeliness, creativity, diplomacy, and good judgment are the hallmarks of your conduct throughout this whole experience. I am more than pleased with the end product; it exceeds my expectations. And to do this all below budget! I also commend, over all else, your aesthetics. You guided me gently through decisions to create a website I am proud of. Congratulations on a job well done."   ~ Kathy Loftus
Bill Johnson Photo screenshot Alliance West Virginia screenshot
Jim Fiola Woodworker screenshot
Donovan Art screenshot
Lorre Sylvan Smith screenshot Caroline Isacsson screenshot Nina Nomi Jewelry screenshot Uncle Steve Totem Poles screenshot
"Everything looks great! Go ahead and launch!!! Glad I finally have someone who is so competent and responsive. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm sure it will bring lots of new prospects. Thanx again!!"
  ~ Steve Thompson
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