Print this out to record information received from each service's sales support
Name of merchant account service   ====>>    
[1] Do they accept sales without the use of terminals? (such as the older manual imprinter machines that use hand written receipts)    
[2] If "yes" to #1, can authorizations be via a toll free phone number?    
[3] If "yes" to #1, will they supply you with the paper sales receipts?    
[4] If "yes" to #1, where should the printed sales receipts be mailed?    
[5] If  "NO"  to #1, what is the lowest cost of a basic electronic terminal?    
[6] How much is a basic terminal with a built in printer?    
[7] Can the terminals be leased? What is the cost?    
[8] Can the merchant opt out of "real time authorization"?    
[9] If "NO" to #8, what is the realtime authorization fee?    
[10] Is there an application or set up fee?    
[11] What is the DISCOUNT RATE per sale? (very important!)    
[12] What is the transaction fee per sale?    
[13] How much is the monthly statement fee?    
[14] Is there a batch header fee?    
[15] Is "address verification" absolutely required? Is so, what cost?    
[16] Is there a "support" fee?    
[17] Are there any other hidden fees? Is so, what are they?    
[18] How is the money transferred to the merchant checking account?    
[19] How quickly is the money transferred?    
[20] Is there a chargeback fee? If yes, how much?    
[21] Is there a cancellation fee if the account is ended?    
[22] Is there a monthly minimum amount of sales required?    
[23] What is the bottom line monthly cost going to be even if no sales are made?    
Remember to get the terms in writing prior to signing any agreement!
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