Affordable Website Maintenance & Revision
Examples of primary pages for most sites...

The pages below represent the foundation of many websites ~ use this as a starting point ~ others could be added or any of these can be deleted, according to your wishes:

  • "Home Page";
  • "Gallery" or "Products" or "Services" pages with (for example) 10 items ~ pictures, descriptions, and ordering info. You can start out with more than 10, or add more items here at any time;
  • Each of the product photos could open in a larger more detailed view when clicked;
  • "Contact" page with postal address, email address, and phone number. If you wanted, you could include a short online form with pre-configured fields for the convenience of your visitors to fill out and send;
  • If you have a realworld bricks & mortar location, then you may want a page with written directions to your address, plus a map to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you;
  • If you actually sell a product, then all ordering info is connected to your "Secure Shopping Cart". Note that to include a cart you must be set-up to accept customer payment by credit cards (ie, you need a merchant account for Visa, Mastercard & AE), or as an alternative, have a "PayPal" type of online payment account. You may also want a "Printable Order Form" for people to use who wish to send a check or fax you their credit card number;
  • An "About Us" page with a brief bio/history and picture of yourself (or of your staff);
  • A "Links Page" (optional ~ could also be called something like "Other Resources") so you can develop reciprocal linkage with other sites;
  • And a custom "404 Page", which shows only if visitors accidentally type in a wrong address for a page in your site (this means they won't get the dreaded "Page Not Found" message!).
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